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Magnetic solutions for camping holidays and van conversions

Magnets prove to be practical accessories in countless camping situations. Be it for mounting shade cloths, securing drawers while driving, creating additional storage space or attaching curtains. The list of possible uses seems almost endless. Below, we are introducing you to a few products from our assortment that are extremely useful for camping. We also collected many customer projects on the subject over the years and we’ll show you some of them a little bit further down on this page. They contain step-by-step instructions, illustrating how magnets are used for van conversions and during camping trips. Let yourself be inspired!

The supermagnete camping box

With our camping box in the basic and premium versions, nothing is left to be desired when travelling on four wheels. Everything that is useful can be found inside one compact box. The premium box, for example, contains everything from a magnetic hook and self-adhesive metal tape to reusable bag clips.

Other product recommendations

The following products are ideal for use in camper vans. You can find the entire product selection in our Boating & Camping section.

Attaching magnets to a vehicle

In our guide, we answer the question: Can I use magnets on my car?
We categorically advise against attaching magnets to a moving car. It is, however, possible in the passenger compartment or on a stationary vehicle.

Interchangeable number plate holder

Installing sun shades, blackout curtains or insect screens

In several projects, customers present different installation options for sun shades, insect screens or curtains when camping. A key advantage of magnetic mounting is the versatility it offers for attaching and removing these shades or screens.

With magnets, car or camper curtains can be mounted in the blink of an eye. In this project, we will show you different versatile methods for attaching a car curtain.

With magnetic thermal mats, a camper van can be insulated and darkened at the same time. It is easy to do with sew-in magnets.

Use magnets to attach a fly screen in the motorhome. This way, you can leave the roof window of the vehicle open during hot summer nights without having uninvited guests.

Attach it with magnets

Magnets are suitable for all kinds of attachment solutions in and on the camper van. Below, we present a few options.

With this car shelf, you can turn previously unused space into a practical storage area. Thanks to the magnetic design, it can be dismantled again in no time.

Magnetic hooks in the camper – like two peas in a pod, the two simply belong together! We will show you where to utilise magnetic hooks.

The magnetic drawer catch in the camper van keeps drawers securely closed and protects against flying objects during travel.

In our customer projects, you will find even more inspiration on this topic. Don’t hesitate to take a look, it is worth it.