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punch-out, 30 symbols per sheet, in different colours
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Coloured magnetic arrow symbols are eye-catchers and can be used for marking content on a whiteboard and other magnetic surfaces. Work well for project management, because they can be labeled and re-labeled with water-based markers and moved around as needed. Available in blue, red, green and yellow.
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Technical data

Article ID BA-012A
Shape of symbol Arrow
Quantity per set 30 pieces
Size 1 x 2 cm
Material strength t 1 mm
Weight 47 g

Recommended accessories for this product

glossy, 1 x 5 m roll, Ideal adhesive base for magnets
Whiteboard sheet (ferromagnetic)
glossy, 1 x 5 m roll, Ideal adhesive base for magnets
1 pc. 141,75 EUR ea.

Additional features and tips

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The arrows measure 1 x 2 cm and are 1 mm thick. They can be easily removed from the foil.
The foil itself measures 148 x 89 mm.

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The colourful magnetic symbols are perfect for project management (especially on the magnetic planning board) or for colour-coding of whiteboards. Of course, they look good on the fridge as well.
The full range of magnet symbols:

All available in blue, red, yellow and green.