Tower of Power

decorative haematite, hexamerous
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The haematite that makes up the Tower of Power is said to be one of the most important healing stones. Whether you believe in these helpful and healing attributes is up to you. But one thing is for sure: The cube set made of these metallic shimmering rocks is a true gem for any desk. It impresses with its plain aesthetics and variety. Since the hematite is magnetised, you can stack the individual cubes as desired on top or next to each other - and relax a little bit at the same time. But the Tower of Power fulfills also practical needs and makes for a great paperweight or original note holder. Haematite cubes in a set are available in the following measurements :
  • 1 cube with a 29 mm edge length
  • 2 cubes with a 24 mm edge length
  • 3 cube with a 14 mm edge length
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Technical data

Article ID M-53
EAN 7640161867192
Material Haematite
Brand Trendform
Colour Anthracite
Weight 310 g/set

Additional features and tips

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Variety guaranteed!
You can always make new formations with the cubes of the Tower of Power.

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Some unevenness and tiny scratches don't make this natural product damaged, those are just features of the rock.

Finger prints are very visible on the glassy surface of the haematite, but you can easily wipe them down again.