Mounting set for smoke alarm

equipped with neodymium magnets
promptly deliverable


Mounting a smoke alarm within seconds and without drilling - Magnets make it happen! Many European countries have minimum requirements for smoke alarms in homes and work places. In order to adhere to those and make your home safer, you don't have to break a sweat.

Our mounting set makes hanging up a smoke alarm a quick and easy undertaking: The round metal elements feature a self-adhesive backside and can be glued to the ceiling or the smoke alarm. After applying pressure for 10 seconds, the mounting is ready to be used. The magnets on the base attach the smoke alarm to the ceiling. This enables you to easily remove and reattach the smoke alarm for testing and battery changes.

Included in delivery:
1 self-adhesive ceiling element, 1 self-adhesive base element with two neodymium magnets, detailed mounting instructions.
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Technical data

Article ID M-46
EAN 4260101050113
Made in Germany
Diameter 70 mm
Weight 39 g

Additional features and tips

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To remove the smoke alarm from the ceiling, for instance to change batteries, do not pull it down but slide it off to the side.

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The Magnetolink mounting set is delivered in this card board packaging.