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Sector: Furniture manufacturing and carpentry

Wood and magnets are two materials that go very well with each other. The combination of wood – probably the most adaptable and versatile natural product – and magnets tremendously increases the number of creative and practical uses. With the options of glueing, embedding or screw-mounting, you have a wide range of methods at your disposal for pairing the wood and magnets. Even at some distance, our strong neodymium magnets still show their adhesive strength, allowing them to be incorporated into the final product in a concealed manner.

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Popular magnets for furniture manufacturing

Neodymium magnets for embedding or glueing

Neodymium magnets are characterised by their high and reliable adhesive force. Disc magnets and block magnets made of neodymium are ideal for the manufacture of furniture. In our online shop, we carry these practical accessories in various sizes and strengths. They can be discreetly attached to pieces of furniture and hold the individual parts together as if by magic. It allows for modular pieces of furniture to be assembled quickly, effortlessly and without additional tools.

Practical screw-on pot magnets

The pot magnets with countersunk holes and the pot magnets with counterbore holes from our online shop can be attached to any part of your furniture with screws. With the help of ferromagnetic counterparts, you can, for example, prevent doors from closing or closet doors and drawers from remaining open. Magnetic closures are also perfect as a child safety device for kitchen cupboards. If you want to forgo the use of tools entirely, we recommend glue-in pot magnets.

Counterparts for screw-on and glue-on magnets

Magnetic fittings

Functionality is an important aspect of furniture manufacturing. Magnetic fittings, therefore, are an important accessory for making furniture. They keep cupboard doors and drawers closed in the kitchen or office, for instance. We carry magnetic fittings in various designs, and we are certain you will find the right product for your next project.

Top-selling categories for furniture manufacturing

Nuts & bolts
Accessories for our pot magnets
Furniture magnets made of neodymium
Magnetic fittings and door stops
Magnetic paint
For various surfaces
Workshop accessories
Clever magnetic products for the workshop

Discover our magnet finder! With the magnet finder from supermagnete.dk, you can quickly get an overview of all magnets with the desired characteristics for your next project.

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supermagnete.dk offers a large selection of super magnets, including a wide range for your carpenter’s workshop or profession as a furniture maker. Our warehouse is geared towards long-term availability. Thanks to our inventory of more than 40 million magnets, we are generally able to deliver immediately and in large quantities.

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Our suppliers include various manufacturers who produce magnets of consistent quality. Since we buy in bulk, we can offer you an attractive price-performance ratio. We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

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We attach great importance to the fast shipping of your order. Your delivery is checked twice before it is sent, packaged securely and shipped by Swiss Post or Lamprecht Transport AG.

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Additional information about magnets and magnetism

Do you have questions about handling magnets? In our online guide, you will find a large collection of FAQs, useful tools, glossary entries and magnet data.