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Which magnets do you recommend for walls painted with magnetic paint?

On magnetic paint, magnets develop only a fraction of their maximum adhesive force. To avoid disappointments, only use neodymium magnets that are large and strong enough. Regular ferrite magnets are not suitable for use on magnetic paint.
Table of Contents

Magnets for small notes and pictures up to A4 size

Magnetic adhesive tape and self-adhesive magnetic sheet

Another interesting idea is to use our self-adhesive magnetic sheet. You can easily attach a picture to the self-adhesive side. You can then cut it to the desired size with scissors or a cutting machine, and done is an individual eye-catcher that you can place anywhere.
Perfect for trade shows, meetings, family trees, demo walls, etc.
For lighter objects, one or several strips of self-adhesive magnetic tape also work well. If you only want to hang up a postcard or a photograph, you can also use a thin magnetic adhesive tape from the dispenser: Just attach a strip to the backside and place the picture on the magnetic paint.

Magnetic letters & numbers, magnetic symbols

Also, magnetic letters and numbers, as well as ready-to-use magnetic symbols made of magnetic sheets, adhere well to magnetic paint, but you can't hang up papers with them. The symbols need to have direct contact with the magnetic paint, otherwise, the adhesive force is too little.

Possibilities and limitations of magnetic paint

All magnets can utilise only a fraction of their adhesive force on magnetic paint. They will hold your notes, photos and postcards just fine, but don't expect them to hold framed pictures.
Tip: In order for magnets to cling to the paint, we recommend at least two, but even better three or four coats of magnetic paint. With each coat you get more iron powder on your wall and magnets stay on better.

Magnets not suitable for magnetic paint

Pot magnets as well as office magnets with steel coat are not suitable for walls treated with magnetic paint, because these magnets need solid metal as a counterpart.
Also ferrite magnets don't stick to walls with magnetic paint. The adhesive force that can be achieved on magnetic paint is not even strong enough to hold the ferrite magnet's own weight. Additionally, ferrite magnets can leave black stains on nice white walls.

Examples for applications with magnetic paint

Wall with magnetic paint and colourful notepaper attached with magnets
Our wall with magnetic paint - full with customer praise that we collected over the years.