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Q and A regarding our magnetic Adhesive Force Tool

Please note: Our Adhesive Force Tool calculates the maximum adhesive force under ideal conditions. Besides the distance and material of the object of magnetic attraction, the surface and thickness of the object, as well as the direction of force applied to the magnet, play an important role. See What factors affect the adhesive force and strength of a magnet?
Table of Contents

Why is it not possible to calculate a block or cube with this tool?

Unfortunately, the tool can only calculate rotation-symmetric objects like discs, rods, rings and spheres.

Which calculation do I have to use for my application?

Examples for magnet-iron: Attaching magnets to a whiteboard or a glass bulletin board, hanging up pictures...
Examples for magnet-magnet: Sticking objects together, artistic applications...
If the magnet is in direct contact with the counterpart, it is irrelevant which of the two calculations you perform. Even small distances between magnet and counterpart, however, result in significant adhesive force differences. Compare FAQ What is the difference between the combination magnet-magnet and magnet-iron?

Which software is used for the calculation?

The software FEMM (stands for Finite Element Method Magnetics).

Why does the calculation take so long sometimes?

If the data you entered has never been calculated before, it takes longer than if you choose a previously calculated constellation.
A calculation with variable distances takes much longer than one with a predefined distance.

Can I also calculate the Gaussian integer with this tool?

No, this tool can currently not calculate the Gaussian integer at a certain distance. Please refer to our FAQ How do you calculate the magnetic flux density? and Do you have a x gauss magnet?

Can I also calculate the repulsion with this tool?

No, this tool can currently not calculate the repulsive force between two magnets. As a rule of thumb: The repulsive force is approx. 90% of the adhesive force. For more information, please review our FAQ on the topic of repulsion.