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Do you sell Buckyballs or similar magnetic sphere sets?

No, we stopped carrying this product with 216 small magnetic spheres in 2016.
It is true, magnetic sphere sets continue to be very popular and the demand for brands like Buckyballs, Nanodots or Neoballs remains high. However, despite warning labels, children keep swallowing these small magnetic spheres time and time again. Swallowed magnets can lead to life-threatening complications. That is why we decided to lead by good example and stop selling magnetic sphere sets.
We strongly advise against the purchase of such sphere sets if there is even the slightest chance that they could end up in the hands of children. Magnets, of any size, are not a toy for children. You can find all the necessary information about the safe handling of magnets on our page safety tips for neodymium magnets.
Do you want to learn more about Buckyballs? At the end of 2019, the Washington Post published an in-depth article on the dangers of Buckyballs. It highlights the trend in numbers of swallowed magnet cases in the US in recent years, among other things.