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Can I use magnets for jewellery?

In principle, you can use magnets for jewellery; however, their effect on human health is open to debate. We suggest that you do not continually wear magnetic necklaces or magnetic bracelets. On the other hand, we can, in good conscience, recommend magnets for use in jewellery clasps.
Table of Contents

The effect of magnetic jewellery

Are there health risks to continuously wearing magnetic jewellery (necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc.)? There is a short and a long answer to that.
Short answer:
We would not recommend wearing such a bracelet or necklace all the time, just once in a while for special occasions. Furthermore, if you would like to wear magnets as jewellery, we would suggest a chrome-plated magnet, such as the sphere magnet 13 mm, since many people have nickel allergies.
Long answer:
Although there have been many studies on the effects of static magnetic fields on humans, and none of these has been able to prove a negative effect, you should nonetheless consider the following:
Every alternative therapist that works with magnets and every salesperson that sells "therapeutic magnets" will claim that science has not yet developed the necessary methods to detect the true effects of magnets on humans. Generally, we are very sceptical about this method of therapy and, at best, see a possible placebo-effect, as with some other alternative healing methods that also have no scientific background. However, there are many people who swear by this method and it cannot be said with ultimate certainty that it will not be proven correct in time.
In this situation, in which one or the other standpoint cannot be ruled out, we would be cautious and avoid long-term contact with permanent magnets. Ultimately, you must use your own discretion when considering these facts.
If you want to try it out for yourself: All our neodymium sphere magnets can be made into necklaces. Some customers used magnets to create magnetic jewellery - more for aesthetic than for health reasons.

Magnetic jewellery clasps

Traditional jewellery clasps are often very delicate and hard to close. Magnetic jewellery clasps provide a good solution, allowing necklaces and bracelets to be closed easily. The strong magnets provide a durable and secure hold. To open the chain or strap, simply push the two parts of the clasp sideways.