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Window cleaning

Now you can clean without getting your hands dirty or wet!
Author: Jon Shimwell, Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom
Online since: 29/09/2008, Number of visits: 489648
Jon Shimwell sent us another version of cleaning the aquarium: window cleaning!
Since our neighbourhood is full of birds, I needed a good method to clean the windows. I did the following and could solve my problem with the aid of supermagnete:
I used the two death magnets, that I still had home, and a few simple household articles to create a magnetic sponge.
I cut open the big sponge and filled it with a death magnet and a piece of plywood. The wood helps to distribute the pressure over a larger area.
The sponge is placed on the outside of the window, and I move the second death magnet on the inside of the window. Thanks to the plywood, the magnets glide over my triple-glazed windows with just the right amount of pressure.
For double- or single-glazed windows I would use (much) weaker magnets. Not everything calls for a mighty death magnet!
Editorial note: CAUTION! Mr. Shimwell did not remove the plastic protection caps of his death magnets and thus (voluntarily?) reduced the gravity between them immensely. Hereby he possibly saved his windows...
Important note: Please try this idea only with weaker magnets, because due to the abrupt attraction of the magnets, your windows could easily break or be damaged!!! We assume no liability for resulting damages.

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