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Space-saving wardrobe

A wardrobe does not have to be expensive or chunky
Author: Dirk Krautwig
Online since: 02/06/2009, Number of visits: 379222
You don't have enough room for a big wardrobe? Super magnets can help! We'd like to introduce an easily implemented way of hanging up clothes that is especially suitable for inhabitants of small spaces.

Iron sheets as magnetic base

Building a low-cost coatrack is simple:
Screw a coated iron sheet to the ceiling. The coating is strongly recommended. On uncoated iron sheets, the magnet is producing black iron dust when moved around which would stain the clothes.
Note from the supermagnete team:
Instead of an iron sheet, you can also screw a metal strip from our online shop (available in different colours) to the ceiling. You could also use inexpensive glue-on metal strips but you should try them out first with lighter pieces of clothing.

Magnets instead of clothes rail

Depending on the length of the sheet, put about 20 S-10-10-N-Magnets on the iron sheet.
Thereafter, you can attach coat hangers including clothes on one magnet each.
Such a magnet even hold trousers, coats or 2 hangers with button-down shirts at the same time. Since bent hangers only have on point of contact with the magnet, you can't increase the holding power with bigger magnets such as blocks but with longer rods such as rod magnets 10x40 mm.

Shower curtain as dust protection

A shower curtain works well for dust protection. You can attach it with additional magnets on the edge of the sheet.
If clothes should use even less space, you can push the hangers plus magnets close to each other (see below).

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