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Saving Babe

How a Supermagnet saved the paws of puppy "Babe" from injuries
Author: Anika & Alexander P., Kamen, Germany
Online since: 26/11/2007, Number of visits: 294141
"Babe" can play in the garden again
I decided to build a dog ramp for our puppy and wanted to cover it with left-over pieces of carpet to give it more grip. But when cutting the carpet to size, a large piece of the cutter blade came off, flew in a wide arc into the garden and disappeared. My girlfriend and I diligently searched the area where the blade might have fallen but we were not able to find it.
We were afraid to let the puppy play in the garden for fear that he would accidentally cut open his paw or, even worse, eat the blade if he found it! But this fear quickly faded away. My last order with supermagnete included a few large disc magnets type S-20-10-N, which would now perform their first life-saving service. They proved to be so strong that they could pull the missing blade right out of the grass. We searched by making 1 meter wide serpentines with an interval of 5 cm. The quick search was successful: We were surprised and relieved to hear the "click" as the 3 cm long blade attached itself to the magnet.

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