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Making a fly screen visible

Decorative safety measure
Author: anonym, Karlstadt
Online since: 26/08/2009, Number of visits: 401823
Recently, we had a sliding screen door installed in front of our patio door. The screen mesh is barely visible when the fly screen is closed, and on a few occasions, we almost walked through the closed door. This would definitely ruin the fly screen.
This is why we purchased two sets of magnets with silicone coating in summer colours and attached them to the fly screen – one magnet on each side. Now we can always tell when the screen door is closed and no longer have an issue with invisible fly screens.

Note from the supermagnete team: The silicone magnets have a thickness of 4 mm each. Before making a purchase, you should check whether you have enough space for the magnets between the window or patio door and the roller shutter.
It is also worth making the mesh visible on fly screens for windows to protect birds from flying into them.
As an alternative, you could also use decorative magnets on one side, such as our gecko magnets, for example. Butterfly magnets also look cute. On the other side, silicone-coated magnets of matching colours serve as their counterparts. It will turn your screen door into a beautiful, eye-catching feature.

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Disclaimer: This customer project was sent to us in 2009. The supermagnete team has now updated this brilliant application and added new photos too. Thank you for this great magnet project!

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