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Lab aides

Also biotechnology labs rely on our magnets
Author: Jens P., Remscheid, Germany
Online since: 30/07/2009, Number of visits: 287600
Once more, your magnets made my life easier. I work in a biotechnology lab and I discovered two new applications that work for me.

1. Cleaning tubes

I wanted to clean my centrifuge tubes with pipe cleaners and magnets. The tubes have a diameter of 8 mm and are too thin for any bottle brushes. A centrifugation of broken up bacteria at 35 000 rpm leaves quite some "dirt" at the bottom that is hard to get out. Even with the pipe cleaners it ended up being a time consuming endeavour with less than satisfying results.
Therefore, I tried holding a S-08-03-N disc magnet to the outside of the tube and and moved the pipe cleaner inside the tube up and down. Surprise surprise: Due to the pull, the pipe cleaner (with iron wire inside) successfully loosened the dirt and the tube was clean within a few seconds.

2. Holding back magnetic stir bar

Often, plates with nutrient agar need to be casted. In the bottles containing the solution, there is a magnetic stir bar, so everything can be stirred well without creating bubbles. The challenge is that the magnetic stir bar should not fall onto the plates when pouring the solution out of the bottle.
All it needs is a S-10-10-N disc magnet on the bottom of the bottle - and the magnetic stir bar remains in the bottle.
Then, the little one goes back onto the metal ledge and waits for its next assignment.

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