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Hanger for a Roof Box in the Garage

Whereto with the big roof box? - Onto the ceiling!
Author: Frank Breter, Teutschenthal, Germany
Online since: 20/06/2008, Number of visits: 326269
I don't like to keep the bulky cargo box mounted on top of my car all the time. When it is not in use, I store it by suspending it from the ceiling of our carport. A truly space-saving solution.
The underside of the roof box has galvanized metal supports running the full length of the box - perfect for attaching strong magnets.
I screwed 4 countersunk pot magnets to the wooden beams on the ceiling. Exact placement was important so the magnets would align with the metal supports.
The cargo box weighs approx. 20 kg and now I can attach it to the magnets without help!
Note from the supermagnete team: Hanging up such a heavy box is dangerous! Please make sure that the magnets and the metal bar have sufficient contact area and review our safety tips.

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