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Fix a privacy screen without drilling

The practical mounting option on the balcony
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland
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The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you just want to spend your time on your balcony. If it wasn’t for those nosy neighbours. A solution is provided by privacy screens, which are available in various designs. Be it bamboo mats, reed mats, willow mats or plastic mats - all of them can be attached to a metal balcony railing with magnets.
Rubberised pot magnets CMN-22 have proven to be a good mounting option for privacy screens on balcony railings. The rubber coating offers protection against scratches and increases the adhesive force of the magnet in shear direction.
All you need in addition to the rubberised magnets are cable ties (for example Cable ties 200 mm or Cable ties 400 mm) and scissors. Depending on the required support, first attach one or two magnets to one end of the privacy screen. To do this, insert a cable tie through the two openings of the magnet and then insert it into a small part of the screen mat. Then close the cable tie and cut off the excess cable. Now you can simply attach the magnet to the balcony railing and the privacy screen holds partially. Repeat this process until the entire screen is attached to the railing.
In no time the privacy screen attaches reliably to the balcony railing. The screen not only protects your privacy but also serves as a windbreak for the balcony. The mounting solution with magnets offers the great advantage of being able to quickly remove that the privacy screen. For example, you can now store it in the basement throughout the winter, which will keep it looking good for longer.
Please note: The magnet and the screw of the CMN-22 are galvanised, and both can get rusty. The rubber coating is weather and UV-resistant and protects the magnet fairly well, but you may have to replace the magnet after prolonged outdoor use.