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Curtains for yacht & sun protection

How to darken your boat for bed time and protect it from the sun
Author: Joel Vandamme, Velaines
Online since: 06/11/2008, Number of visits: 505007
Table of Contents

Shade yacht window with curtains

I wanted to shade the windows of my yacht at night.
The problem with slanted windows: Curtains hang down vertically and therefore don't cover up the windows properly. There is too much light coming from the bottom and the sides, which is annoying when you are trying to sleep. A solution with strong disc magnets is the answer.
Cut curtains in the desired size. Sew one disc magnet 8x3 mm each into the left and the right side of the hem. Attach the curtains on the upper window frame.
Pull the sides of the curtains firmly down. Check where the magnets are located in the hem and glue a disc magnet of the same strength with UHU MAX REPAIR next to the window at the same height. Pay attention to the polarisation of the magnets.
Voilà: The curtains don't let any sun in at the sides - and you can enjoy your beauty sleep!
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • Instead of block magnets in the curtain, sew-in magnets could have been used as well.
  • Instead of additional disc magnets as counterparts, a piece of self-adhesive magnetic tape (link below) could have been glued to the wall, which would provide more flexibility with the curtain.

Porthole cover with sun protection

A sailing customer and his boat often travel in very sunny regions. He had porthole covers made of UV-resistant fabric, so the boat doesn't heat up to much inside.
On the outside of the portholes the covers are held in place by 6 disc magnets 20x7mm each. To protect the magnets from corrosion due to outdoor use and contact with salt water, the magnets were painted several times with the white epoxy primer AWLGRIP 545.
On the inside of the portholes counterparts of 6 disc magnets 20x15 mm each were placed.
The distance between the magnets is a total of 8 mm (7 mm glass, almost 1 mm fabric, some paint). Nevertheless, the covers survived winds of over 40 knots without moving or falling off.

Note from the supermagnete team: Instead of treating the discs with epoxy, you could also use strong rubberised magnets (link below) on the outside.

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