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Advent calendar with magnets

Easy to make with a muffin pan or origami boxes
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland, [email protected]
Online since: 21/09/2009, Number of visits: 177186
How wonderful to see the eyes of children (or even adults) light up every day when they find the little surprises in their advent calendars.
It doesn't take much to make these fun calendars yourself. The following video and instructions will show you how to easily make two kinds of magnetic advent calendars at home.
Table of Contents

Advent calendar made with origami boxes

Materials needed for the origami boxes

  • 192 sheets of square 10 x 10 cm paper in various colours (or 9 x 9 cm notebook paper)
  • Thick coloured construction paper
  • 24 self-adhesive magnets (S-20-01-STIC)
  • Glue
  • 24 sweets, gifts, or activities - one for each day

Instructions for making the origami boxes

Step 1

Use the origami paper to fold 24 boxes (according to the downloadable PDF instructions below).
With a little practice (or help) you can make your own beautiful, colourful, little, sturdy boxes.
TIP: Turn on some music or an audiobook and get your Christmas spirit on. You can change the colour combinations and mix it up a little.
Step 2

Now add individual designs to the boxes: You could use a gold marker to write the numbers 1 - 24 or cut out colourful numbers and glue them on the little boxes.
Step 3

Glue and press on a self-adhesive magnet S-20-01-STIC on the bottom inside each box.
Fill the boxes as desired.
Step 4

You can now hang up the filled boxes on any ferromagnetic surface.
It is remarkable: On a steel plate, you can fill the boxes up to 150 g. On our fridge, a box can hold up to 100 g.
The boxes don't adhere to magnetic glass boards or walls that are painted with magnetic paint.
The filling volume per box is 5 x 5 x 2,5 cm (10 x 10 cm sheet) or 4,5 x 4,5 x 2 cm (9 x 9 cm sheet).
Have fun crafting!!!

Advent calendar on a muffin pan

Materials needed

  • Muffin pan with 24 holes à Ø 5,5 cm (Alternatively: 2 muffin pans with 12 holes each à Ø 8 cm)
    Make sure it is not an aluminium pan: Magnets wouldn't adhere to it
  • 2 x self-adhesive magnetic sheet in A4 format (MS-A4-STIC) to cut and glue
  • A4 templates to download: See PDF
  • Sharp scissors
  • 24 sweets, gifts, or activities - one for each day


Step 1

Glue the printed A4 templates (see PDF) on the self-adhesive magnetic sheet.
Below, we provide different print templates in two sizes and colour variations.
Step 2

Cut out the 24 round shapes.
TIP: Since the magnetic sheet is on the thicker side, children under 10 may need help cutting.
Step 3

Now add the sweets to the pan and cover them up with the printed magnetic sheet.
(Fillng volume in a 24-hole mufifn pan Ø 4 x 2 cm, in a 12-hole mufifn pan Ø 7 x 3 cm)

Step 4

Now you can hang up the completed advent calendar (most pans come with a hole).
Alternatively, you can attach four strong neodymium magnets (e.g. S-15-08-N) on the back of the pan and hang up the calendar on a ferromagnetic surface (e.g. fridge).

Inspiration for all things Christmas

You can find other suitable craft instructions and gift ideas in our Christmas guide.

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