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A purse full of change

Small coins always handy
Author: Claude Fiorentini, Marseille, France
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Everything quickly in hand
Everything quickly in hand
Claude from Marseille likes things simple and orderly. He sends us "magnetic greetings" and writes:
"I quickly realised that one could separate the small Euro coins (1, 2 and 5 cent) from other types of coins simply by using a small ring magnet type R-27-16-05-N. This amazes the shopkeepers in my neighborhood. Now I can find these small coins very quickly amongst the other coins in my pocket.
A magnetic wallet!
Thank you for providing the material for such dreams."
Note from the supermagnete team:
You should never keep the large wallet with credit cards in the same pocket as the magnet! Otherwise, there is a risk that the magnetic strips on the credit cards will be demagnetized, and the cards will no longer work. You can find more information on our FAQ page 'What is the safe distance that I need to keep to my devices?'.

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